...these two know better how to enjoy from every second of their wedding

So...actually even before i met Topaz, I was pretty sure that I'm going to meet someone special. Simply because the bride I worked with a year ago told me that she is sending one of her friends to me - and that bride was kind of unique personality....

So, we met in Tel Aviv and after 5 minutes, i knew i was right with my expectations. She looked a bit shy and smiley, but it was impossible not to feel a blast of positive energy deep inside her - and, my Lord, it was there on her wedding day! She was laughing and crying, running between guests, spreading love and happiness all around.

And Roee....there could be no one but this guy by her side. Elegant, friendly, warm and full of love...

The wedding took place in modernistic urban venue in Tel Aviv - Ray.... As a photographer, I always love to shoot in venues with perfectly planned design, like it always happens when I work in Ray. 

...and pay attention to extremely special bridal dress - that's how it looks when the best friend of the bride's mother is in charge!  

So, here it comes - love & happiness! :)